Vote for official SBPs
Over 8000+ VITE will be distributed everyday with an annual return of 20%
Vite TestNet incentive plan started at 13:30 (UTC+8:00) Nov 23, 2018
In TestNet, Vite Fund is responsible for at least 5 SBPs to ensure the stability of the system. All of the rewards garnered by official SBPs will be given back to our community members
Official SBPs of Vite: Vite_SBP01、Vite_SBP02、Vite_SBP03、Vite_SBP04、Vite_SBP05
The rewards obtained by these five SBPs will be distributed in two ways: 70% will go to users that vote for the official SBPs, 30% will go to the full node operators.
These five SBPs are expected to generate 8000+ VITE as voting rewards. The earlier you vote, the more rewards you collect!