New Products Release Announcement
The preview version of Vite App iOS version, Vite Block Explorer, Vite Web Wallet, Vite Store and Vite Pay are released now.
· The current version of Vite App mainly implements wallet module, supports accounts creation and import through mnemonic words, supports transfer and collection through QR code, supports transaction records check and wallet management, supports new addresses generation and mnemonic words export
· Vite Block Explorer provides statistics information, transactions filter and sort, and diagram of accounts who hold the same kind of token
· Vite Web Wallet supports generating accounts, sending and receiving transactions, acquiring test tokens, checking information of tokens issued by the system
· Vite Pay supports payment and collection functions of Vite Store
· Vite Store supports purchasing Vite peripheral products and prepaying mobile phone fee by VCP(Vite Community Point)
Scan the QR code below to download Vite iOS Wallet